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  • KOITA conducts survey research to understand the trends of R&D activities in industries and provides the latest information related to technology management and industrial technology development.

    Technology and Innovation
    「Technology and Innovation」 is KOITA's monthly publication. It is composed of several sections: Special Issue, Innovation, Technology, Culture, News. In particular, the Special Issue section is getting a great response as it is dealing with the latest technology trends and innovations.
    White Paper on Industrial R&D
    「White Paper on Industrial R&D」 contains the materials about domestic and overseas R&D activities, proposals for solving difficulties in industrial R&D, policy issues of industrial technology, analyses of main industrial technology trends.
    Major Industrial Technology Indicators
    「Major Industrial Technology Indicators」 provides a summary of summarized statistics on domestic and foreign’s R&D expenditures and personnel from many sources (Survey of Research and Development (Korea), Main Science and Technology Indicator (OECD), Survey and Research and Development (Japan), Science & Engineering Indicators (USA), etc.)
    Technology Innovation Support Programs
    「Technology Innovation Support Programs」 is about the government supports for tax, contribution, finance, human resources, technology, awards and certification, purchase to promote firm’s technology innovation by providing and integrating technology development support program.
    Best Practices of Technology Management
    「Best Practices of Technology Management」 are volumes of specialized books on technology innovation such as “Best Practices of Technology innovation in Advanced Companies”. This publication aims to propose the best practice guidelines in technology development and management and enhance the productivity of the company R&D effort.
    Manuals on R&D-related tax issues
    「Manuals on R&D-related tax issues」 is about the latest R&D-related tax acts such as Tax Credit for Research and Human Resources Development Expenses, Special Taxation for Acquisition Cost of Technology, Reduction and Exemption for Support for Promotion of Research and Development.