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  • Survey of Research and Development in Korea   (KISTEP)
    「Survey of Research and Development in Korea」 surveys Korean R&D activities (R&D human resources and expenditure) to provide basic data for setting up the national R&D policy and offers reference for R&D planning to experts in various fields since 1963.
    Composite Science and Technology Innovation Index   (KISTEP)
    Evaluation of science and technology innovation capacity aims at developing suitable indicators and comprehensive diagnostic model (COSTII) covering all science and technology sectors so that a right policy direction could be derived for the enhancement of science and technology innovation capacity based on the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. COSTII is a Korean indigenous evaluation model, qualitatively and quantitatively monitoring the science and technology innovation capacity at the national level.
    Developing the Asian Innovation Scoreboard   (KISTEP)
    The research is a preliminary study for the development of the Asian Innovation Scoreboard (AIS), with its primary goal of reviewing how other Asian countries collect and make use of statistical data, and ultimately finding indicators necessary for assessing the S&T innovation capacity of Asian countries more specifically.
    Asian Research Policy   (KISTEP)
    Asian Research Policy is published semiannually (March and September) and is devoted to the publication of high-quality research articles and reviews that provide an authoritative source of policy information on Science and Technology. It covers national science and technology planning, analysis and evaluation of national R&D programs, and strategies on R&D budget coordination and distribution. The aim of Asian Research Policy is to enhance the national R&D system by establishing channels of communication between science and technology academics, research experts and policy-makers.
    STI Policy Review   (STEPI)
    STI policy review is a multidisciplinary journal that shares high-quality, empirical and practical knowledge on science and technology policy in order to foster a robust global community of STI policy researchers, policy makers and practitioners. The primary focus of the journal is on STI policy issues in East Asian countries, but the journal also welcomes all papers that have direct and indirect policy implications for East Asian countries. By facilitating exchanges of empirical analyses and discussions on STI policy issues, the journal aims to promote mutual understanding as well as cross-cultural and cross-national learning that contributes to global STI-based development.
    STEPI Insight   (STEPI)
    ‘STEPI Insight’ is published to explore measures from a science and technology perspective to tackle social and economic policy issues faced by Korea, including creative economy, job creation, growth engine, aging society, environment and security.