Greetings from the Chairman
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  • Guided by the belief that technological advancement is the backbone of national economic growth, the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) has been leading the formation of the country's technological innovation climate by supporting the establishment and operation of corporate R&D centers, developing industrial technology support policies and introducing and spreading advanced technology management since 1979. To further encourage industry circles' drive for technological advancement, KOITA has introduced the "IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award", "Engineer of the Korea Award" and the "New Excellent Technology Certification". Through such efforts, the number of corporate R&D centers has exceeded 30,000 in the past 35 years and the R&D expenditure made by industry account for more than 70% of the overall national R&D expenditure, and both achievements have placed KOITA at the center of national technological innovation.
  • Today, Korean companies face the turning point where they should strive for qualitative growth based on the quantitative growth they have achieved. It is the time to address domestic issues such as low birth rate and an aging society and to secure new growth engines beyond the competitions in the global market. For this, Korean companies should overcome the conventional scale-based business strategy and should pursue the establishment of new values based on innovation and creativity. Now is the time when the collection of technological innovative capabilities based on openness, cooperation and change is more critical than ever.

    Under these circumstances, I believe KOITA, as the hub for the technological innovation network, has undertaken a more significant role than ever before. KOITA shall invest its best efforts in connecting various technological innovation agents and establishing the platform for cooperation. Furthermore, KOITA shall continue to perform an active role in satisfying the social demands of mutual growth through deriving a realistic and concrete cooperation scheme between industry and academia and vitalizing the cooperation network between large enterprises and small businesses.

    As the central agency for industrial development and technological innovation, KOITA has accumulated great experience and knowledge over the past 35 years. KOITA shall continue to actively take the initiative in achieving future-oriented innovation under the association's 3 basic principles of being "Human-oriented, Field-oriented and Demand-oriented" and shall continue to make contributions to the national economy and social development through such efforts.

    I would like to humbly ask for your interest and support so KOITA can continue to perform its mission of preparing for tomorrow and leading the path towards the future as the partner of industrial technological innovation.

    Thank you.