Greetings from the Chairman
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  • Dear members,

    At this critical juncture when the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) is celebrating its 40th anniversary and preparing for the future, I am keenly aware of the significance of the position of chairman and the responsibilities it entails. I feel a heavy sense of responsibility, and I am determined to fulfill my duties with utmost care.

    Korea's industries have achieved incredible growth over the past four decades. Corporate R&D investment stood at a mere 59.3 billion Korean won in 1979, the year of KOITA's foundation, but has now increased by more than 1,000 times to reach 62.5 trillion Korean won. During the same period, the number of corporate R&D centers rose from 54 to 40,000. The technological prowess of Korean corporations is now on par with that of global players. I must say that this feat was made possible by the passion and dedication you have demonstrated while working to advance technological innovation.
  • At the moment, we are moving into uncharted territory with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are witnessing the advent of products and services that have never been seen before thanks to convergence between industries and state-of-the-art technologies. It is difficult for individual corporations to cope with changes of such magnitude on their own. In this context, I would like to propose ‘technological innovation through cooperation’ as a strategy for bringing all our members together to seek solutions.

    To this end, we will take the lead by doing our best to become a ‘member-centered KOITA.’ Our members are the heart and soul of KOITA. We will realign and revamp all our services and projects in a manner that better serves our members, and actively engage as many members as possible in pushing ahead with major projects.

    We will also promote various committees to enable all our members, from large corporations to SMEs, to play their part and exercise their rights. The only way to grow and thrive is through the participation of our members, and that is the future we must pursue.

    Second, we will work hard to ensure ‘openness and cooperation’ on the frontier of technological innovation. In an era of revolutionary change, the importance of cooperation between those at the heart of technological innovation continues to rise. However, many corporations are voicing difficulties in finding suitable counterparts and methods for collaboration.

    Once we are able to utilize our expansive wealth of data on corporate R&D centers to create a platform for technological innovation that enables the sharing of technologies and information, we will be a step closer to the cooperative ecosystem we envision. This will serve as the cornerstone for KOITA to develop into a ‘network hub for the nation's industries.’

    Third, we aim to take the lead in creating an ‘industry-centered system of technological innovation’ to ensure that the voices of corporations are heard when establishing national policies on technological innovation. Although businesses account for 79% of Korea’s R&D activities, their participation in the process of establishing policies on technological innovation has been limited until now.

    We will work to launch a permanent communication system to connect corporations with the government and the National Assembly, and proactively identify and address issues pertaining to technological innovation, thereby strengthening the role of Korea’s industries.

    Fourth, we will support our industries in their ‘response to the digital transformation.’ It has become increasingly difficult to survive in the business arena without the digitalization of all corporate activities. We will form a special committee within KOITA charged with helping corporations keep abreast of the latest digital developments and create greater value.

    Finally, we will come up with a ‘new vision for the future’ of KOITA, which has played an important role in industrial development over the past four decades. We will craft mid-term and long-term innovation strategies for the next five and ten years to help KOITA remain at the forefront of technological innovation.

    However, none of these goals can be accomplished without your cooperation and support. I would like to ask for your participation and full support in our endeavour to usher in a new era of technological innovation.

    I will make sure that KOITA remains attentive to your voices and dedicated to meeting your needs.

    Thank you.