Awards & Certification
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  • KOITA supports the commercialization of new technology and contributes to boosting researchers' morale by operating a new technology certification program and several award initiatives.

    Also, KOITA recommends candidates who have made great contributions to national economic growth through the development and commercialization of new technologies for national awards.

    IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award
    KOITA awards and promotes products developed by Korean companies using outstanding new technology every week to introduce the excellence of Korean technology and encourage researchers. The award is given jointly by KOITA and Maeil Economic Daily (introduced in 1991).
    Engineer of the Korea Award
    KOITA selects and awards engineers from small-medium-large enterprises who have made great contribution to the advancement of national and corporate competitiveness through technological innovations in the industrial circle (introduced in 2002).
    Creative Economy of the Korea Award
    KOITA selects and awards individuals and organizations which have contributed to promoting the Creative Economy policy initiative by building eco-systems based on mutual cooperation, acquiring new markets and finding new growth engines (introduced in 2013).
    New Excellent Technology (NET) Certification
    KOITA discovers new domestically developed technologies in the early stages and supports their early advancement into the market by certifying their excellence in promoting commercialization and technology trade, and enhancing the reliability of new technology products (introduced in 1993).
    Green Technology Certification
    KOITA certifies promising green technology, green technology products, green programs and green companies minimizing greenhouse gas emission and contaminants by conserving and efficiently consuming energy and resources to support the commercialization of their technology (introduced in 2010).