Education and Training
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  • KOITA operates various education and training programs specializing in technology innovation to foster personnel with practical knowledge
    and field experience.

    Basic / advanced / CEO course on technology strategy, R&D planning, product development and technology management, technology
    commercialization track, etc.

    Through the Technology Management Education Center (, KOITA operates technology management courses
    including technology strategy and technology infrastructure

    Offers specialized technology education for technology personnel in connection with universities and government-funded research

  • KOITA provides specialized high-quality education courses to strengthen members' technological innovation capabilities

    Courses on technology management including lessons on management strategy, technology strategy, R&D commercialization, etc.

    Courses on R&D center operation including lessons on R&D center support system, operation and management, etc.

    Courses for business management including lessons on corporate performance, finance management, etc.

    Courses on job competence including lessons on strategic planning, document preparation, etc.

    Courses on tax and accounting including R&D budgets, state subsidy, tax and accounting process, etc.

    E-learning courses including lessons on negotiation for international patent disputes, licensing strategy, etc.