Industry-Academia-Research Institute Cooperation
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  • KOITA supports project development and joint research through networking activities among companies, universities and research
    institutes focusing on R&D centers.

    Industry-Academia-Research Institute Cooperation Cluster Support Program

    Inter-Corporate Joint R&D Planning Support Program

    Technology Commercialization and Joint Research Support Program for related institutes

  • KOITA promotes various cooperation programs and technology transfer for corporate R&D centers with universities and government-funded
    research institutes.

    Technology Consultation for industry supported by KOITA / government-funded research institutes

    Surveying the demand for technology transfer and technological difficulties

    Industry-Academia-Research Institute Cooperation Expansion Program

  • KOITA makes efforts to secure national industrial competitiveness through the extensive know-how and specialized knowledge of top-class
    science and technology personnel.

    Operates the Retired Scientists and Engineers Center (

    Supports the Task Solution Program and technology experts of small and medium enterprises

    Supports the resolution of technological difficulties in the field through Gyeonggi Techno Park Techno Doctor