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CTO Club (Chief Technology Officers’ Club)
Gathering of chief technology officers of large enterprises. Shares and exchanges
information on technology management and technology trends.
NET Club (New Excellent Technology Club)
Gathering of representatives of companies that received NET certification.
Reinforces mutual cooperation between technological companies and shares
technology and information.
R&D Directors' Council
Gathering of R&D directors around the country. Exchanges technology
development-related information and engages in overseas benchmarking.
Yeongnam R&D Directors' Council
Gathering of R&D directors in Yeongnam (southeast Korea) region. Reinforces
technological competitiveness through mutual cooperation, shared technological
development, etc.
Daejeon-Sejong-Chungcheong Chief Technology Officers' Club
Daejeon-Sejong-Chungcheong Chief Technology Officers' Club Gathering of CEO, R&D directors and executives in charge of technology in Daejeon and Sejong and Chungcheong (central Korea) region. Exchanges technology development information and technology innovation-related opinions.
TI Club (Technology Innovation Club)
Gathering of leaders of technology innovation related organizations, the TI club exchanges ideas and jointly formulates stances on major industrial technology issues.
Technology Management Executives' Meeting
Gathering of management executives of R&D centers of large enterprises.
Exchanges technology management information and performs cases studies on
domestic companies.