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Scinco Co., Ltd.

Fluorescence spectrometer

Founded in 1990 as one of the leading manufacturers of scientific analytical instruments, Scinco has been developing advanced technologies, and manufacturing UV-Visible, fluorescence, color spectrophotometers and supplying thermal analyzers, etc. for both domestic and worldwide customers. Based on the continued investment in research on analytical instrument science, it has been earning customers’ loyalty and trust with a focus on R&D, superior products, and excellent customer support.

Scinco’s advanced FS-2 fluorescence spectrometer features its exceptional high sensitivity and versatility for the general analysis including QA/QC produced in almost all of the laboratories. From life science to materials, photophysics to quantitative analysis, FS-2 fluorescence spectrometer is designed to give the highly accurate and reliable data, with the resourceful and straightforward Scinco FluoroMaster Plus software to process the measurement data and to customize the information for reporting. FS-2 system enables incorporation of a wide range of accessories that fit any types of samples, which makes it flexible in many applications such as life science, pharmaceutical, bio, analytical chemistry, environment, agriculture, materials and others.
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