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Waterproofing System

Since its founding in 1983, SPACEINKOR has been a leading total solution provider for the waterproofing industry in South Korea. As a specialist in developing, producing, selling and constructing waterproofing products in environmentally friendly and leak-free ways, SPACEINKOR is growing and constantly innovating itself with the spirit of challenge.

SKYPANEL is the first waterproofing system in the world that provides triplex functions through special manufacturing technology a combination of sheet metal, laminated engineering plastic film, and
rubberized asphalt. This revolutionary construction method allows SP-ε panel to be applied dry at the construction site and results in high-quality, uniform waterproofing. SP-ε panel can be applied over insulation boards such a polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, and other similar materials. It has achieved over
3 million square meters construction until now and has patents registered in the USA, Japan, China,
Hong Kong, Taiwan and the EU.
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