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Infranics Inc.

Cloud service - Systeer

Infranics has been continuously developing and supplying the SysMaster Suite and SysCare Service needed for stably and effectively managing servers, network equipment, applications, IOT,etc., which are the resource of computing IT infrastructure since its establishment in 2000. In addition, Infranics provides Cloud IaaS, Cloud Platform Service and Secured Managed Service through the Systeer Service, and based on this, it is in the process of growing as a Legacy & Cloud Infrastructure Platform Provider.

Infranics provides the Systeer Service, the cloud service exclusively for the enterprise. The Systeer Service provides Systeer ART which guarantees availability by applying the world-best level of 99.99% quality assurance (SLA). It supplies reliability based on the IT infrastructure management for the past 15 years, and has enhanced the trusted security through the management of M-Center. The products of Systeer are classified into Basic Product, Platform Service, and Secured Managed Service.

For its customers’ infrastructure and requirements, Infranics suggests the optimal solution of the cloud service necessary for management through professional consulting and provides the basic products (Server, Storage, CDN, Database,Security, GSLB/LB/DR), which is the swift and stable highquality cloud IaaS. Based on this, Infranics provides the Platform Service by industry in the optimal form suitable for the business characteristic of the customer.
Secured Managed Service supports the management and operation of IaaS and application based on M-Center which provides fault-tolerance service for 24/365 in the thorough security system. Infranics also provides a business contingency plan for preventing recurrence of the fault by supporting the fault recovery process within the shortest period and analyzing the faults occurring continuously and repetitively with the fault prediction function and the systemized fault control and response function for the occurrence
of fault by controlling the information of main resource state for IaaS and measuring the users’ quality of experience for the application.
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