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Silver-Brains SPRL

Consulting in innovation, prospective strategy, business development and foresight

Based in Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Silver-Brains's core business encompasses strategic planning, risk management,

technology transfer, management of innovation, business mediation and specialized training.
Silver-Brains is featuring services in :

   - Strategic planning & change management

   - Risk management

   - Technology transfer

   - Business mediation

   - Crisis Management

   - Future focused trend analysis, scenarios development, forecasting and road mapping

Our missions can be executed in English, French and Dutch.

With more than 40 years of expertise in business-to-business activities in Europe, Asia and the USA, we offer services in strategy, organization and innovation management, technology transfer and change and risk management.

Our approach is based on "no-nonsense" rigor, cultural diversity and transdisciplinarity.
Contact Address Silver-Brains SPRL, Av. Grandchamp, 111, B-1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel +32 475 827 190 Fax NA
E-Mail Website