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Korea-Germany Technology Cooperation Webinar and 1:1 Matchmaking Meeting


DATE : Jun 07, 2021

1. Title : Korea-Germany Technology Cooperation Webinar and 1:1 Matchmaking Meeting
2. Theme : To discover opportunities about technology cooperation between Korea and Germany
3. Hosts : KOITA (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
                TIPA (Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency for SMEs) 
                Fraunhofer Institutes and Fraunhofer Representative Office Korea 
4. Participants : 269 people (offline with a limited 40 participants along with a simultaneous online livestream)
5. Date & Venue : June 6-7, 2021 / The-K Hotel Seoul, Korea
6. Programs
  1) Plenary Speech
       Auto Industry and Industry 4.0 through Competition & Collaboration by Moon-Sik Kwon, President of
       ADeKo(Alumninetzwerk Deutschland-Korea)

  2) Technology Cooperation Webinar
       Fraunhofer experts as speakers introduced their excellent technologies and how to cooperate
       between both German and Korean sides.
  3) Online 1:1 Matchmaking Meetings
       Fraunhofer experts and the Korean companies who were matched in advance had virtual group meetings via online.